THC Distillate is a revolutionary medical product that has, and will keep changing the lives of those who suffer from conditions that are treatable with cannabis. If you haven’t stepped up to the plate and taken THC Distillate into consideration, this might be your time.

  • Purity


    This process creates a very pure Marijuana extract and omits the need for solvents to pull out the marijuana components. Extractions such as BHO (butane hash oil) and Co2 (carbon dioxide) require alcohol based solvents to make their final product. A very high level of THC without any impurities is the bonus of this method.

  • THC Content

    02THC Content

    This process allows for 90-99% THC in the finished product, compared to 15-25% flower THC content and 60-80% of BHO and Co2 Extractions. This method is ultra clean in nature, which explains why distillation is rapidly becoming an industry standard product.

  • Distillate


    The pure, distilled THC produce is odourless and flavourless which means it can be consumed discretely, as there is no odor. The distillate can be used for edibles, E-cig, vape or even topical applications. If inhaled, there is almost do tar at all. Since THC dilates the airways, it is probably good for the lungs and conditions like asthma - and there is a lot of research that backs up this suggestion.

  • Effects


    Distillates effects are felt almost immediately. In the preparation process, the THC already activated and its high potency brings extremely quick results to patients requiring heavy duty medication, like spinal injury, Crohn's and cancer.


    Since the invention of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO, high oral THC extracts have been shown to treat patients for an entire day without the need to smoke a joint every few hours.

    THC Distillate only requires a drop or two for it’s effects to be felt. Couple this with an almost immediate onset (under the tongue) of effects, distillate is a perfect application for medical patients. Swallowing distillate is great for all-night relief, effects hit after an hour and peak at hours two, dropping off at hour eight, or thereabouts.Or you can vaporize it as we provide the hardware for consumption.